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Sunday, April 8, 2018

Flechazo - Only Mediterr-Asian Buffet

Love at first sight , flechazo means just that in Spanish !!

Flechazo is in Marathahalli and  whitefieldnow  , Great for Office goers for special occasions and team lunch & dinners .
Vast variety , innovative and well curated options , their hospitality and the colorfull interiors.
Its first of its kind place , serving Medditerr-Asian spread in the city .

Highlights  :
Food Shots section ,
Make your own pizza
Nitrogen Based Instant Icecreams

For Detailed Review , Read on  !

Decor / Ambience -
The blue and yellow colours of the upholestry are so vibrant and colorfull , add a nice touch giving the space a very Mediterranean look to the place .
, which is also nicely decorated . The layout arrangement also is well planned and there is no confusion and crowd can move around smoothly .

Service : There is so much happening in this place , yet the staff is  composed and  cordial .

There is a fine line to good service and overdoing it when staff ask your feedback too often or wait at your table all the time or don't serve at the right intervals which I find a bit annoying but flechazo staff do their job exceptionally well .

Food shots : on a conveyor belt , bite sized food keeps moving . You can go pick what you like . Very innovative isn’t it  .
Sushi , Pani Puri , Papdi chat ,prawn cocktail, bruschetta  and other bite sized food in small cutlery  make the rounds .

Live counters : Tucked away in a corner near pizza and pasta live counters but don't miss this one , the kheema pav is good here . !

Pizza Counter : Best thing about pizza counter is you can make your own pizza and eat it too , also you get a certificate for.that ! This is a good way to indulge kids and keep them entertained .

Pasta Counter : They have options to choose from and you can customise it as well .Live Tawa counter , Pizza and Pasta section is called The Big o with 5 varities of Pizza and Pasta recommended by chef , 1 variety of tawa for veg and non veg and ofcourse option to customise .

Starters : So many varieties some Asian , some indian and some Mediterranean .
Around 4-6 Oriental and indian Starters and  around 4 mediterranean starters

Soup , Salad & Sides counter :After all that great bite sized food and starters if you have the stomach for soup and salads , go indulge . I have not tried it on both of my visits
But they have a variety of breads, sandwiches , soups and sides like papad , pickles , raita
Main course :Flechazo has a large Main Course spread , Loved the Crab curry . They have atleast 4-5 gravy dishes , biryani and so on

Desserts : Must tries are Macaroons , Jalebis ,   and most importantly the nitrogen instant icecream section !
My Favourite is the  Paan and coffee flavour .
About 6 varieties are available ,  
Though Nitro Batida , a Mocktail from the drinks section – its also a nitrogen based  and as god as a dessert . Must try

Overall such good food here and varieties are endless  at a  reasonable price , a must visit if you are looking for a large spread buffet in blore !

Cost : 700 + Taxes for dinner , but they have early bird and other offers running . It's a such a steal !

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Sunday, March 25, 2018

Best of traditional Indian wisdom :Launch of Nutrilite Herbs by Amway, India

We live in the era where a pizza reaches you in 30 mins but a ambulance can not  , It’s a serious issue isn’t it ?Especially in case of  Bangalore city and the traffic woes we face  !
Its Imperative in this time and age to retrospect on our lifestyle and what city life does to our well being .
As its said prevention is always better than cure .

About the Launch event :

Amway is completing 20 yrs in India and for the launch of their  Nutrilite Herbal range invited some bloggers to their  digital experience centre in Indiranagar .
Nutrilite is the world leader in dietary plant based natural supplements . owned and marketed by Amway,  
Nutrilite  combines the best of science, best of nature and now best of indian traditional wisdom to offer a comprehensive range of nutraceutical supplements.
Its almost as if  Grandma s home remedy is purer , safer and more potent and put in a Nutrilite Herbals bottle 

Excerpt and key points covered by Speakers:

Mr Ajay Khanna – Category head – Nutrition  and wellness spoke about Amway india and Nutrilite  commitment towards care before cure and a  key aspect which makes Nutrilite  really unique that  is  the ‘Seed to Supplement’ Approach
In simple terms raw products or manufacturing is not outsourced to a third party or bought from a vendor . The  stringent process implemented by the brand which encompasses multi level quality checks ensuring the  selection of the right farm , the right part , the right active ingredient , the right seeds , right species , right extraction and processes which is undertaken by the company itself .

CA Kishore , Ayurvedic Doctor and acamedician spoke about the importance of natural supplementation in our diet and covered a key point that makes Nutrilite stand out .
Which is PSP (Purity , Safety & Potency ).
Purity is maintained through usage of non GMO herbs which are from certified organic farms and the herbs are DNA finger printed before usage .
Safety of the product is ensured by manufacturing the products without human intervention in their LEED gold certified unit by USGBC in Tamilnadu .
Potency is ensured by DNA fingerprinting for the right species and by using the active ingredients of the herb .

All this makes Nutrilite a perfect combination of ancient Indian wisdom and modern science so you don’t have to worry about the purity and  safety of the product . They ensure national standards for safe levels of pesticides and heavy metals is maintained unlike many other Ayurvedic products.

Herbal Range :
Nutrilite , tranditional herbs is a range of 4 well know herbas  which includes : Tulsi, Ashwaganda, brahmi and amalaki,vibhitaki and  haritaki.

Nutrilite Ashwagandha :
Modern age , Fast forwarded hectic lifestyle , unhealthy eating habits and constant stress have become a part of our daily routine all this coupled with work pressure and anxiety leaves you exhausted .
 Ashwaganda is known to support vitality while rejuvenating your body .

Nutrilite Bhrami :
Bhrami is known to support mental agility .
Do you forget your keys or a phone number , you often pass them as no big deal and consequences of your hectic lifestyle and work pressure but it can actually be silent signs of aging  where brahmi can come handy .

Nutrilite Tulsi :
Do you fall ill frequently  even though you try to eat healthy . It could be adulteration in food and pollution in environment which can affect your immune system as a consequence of which you may invite a plethora of diseases and fall ill frequently . Tulsi is know to support immunity and that’s what you need .

Nutrilite Amalaki , Vibhitaki and Haritaki:
Nutrilite combines the vast traditional knowledge and available scientific date on the herbal mix of amalaki , vibhitki and haritki which is known to support digestion while cleaning and detoxifying your gut Erratic eating habits , frequent consumption of junk food along with impure , adulterated and worsened quality of food creates frequent problems in your gut .

Why Amway Nutrilite : 

Globaly Amway is 60 yrs old , 8.6 billion dollar manufacturer and direct seller of high quality consumer goods across Nutition , Beauty , Personal care and home care categories . They have close to 1000 scientists across 75 R & D and quality labs .
Nutrilite is 80 yrs in business and is the world No 1 selling vitamins and dietary supplements brand .
Nutrilite is your best bet as care before you require any cure !

My Story and experience with the brand  :

My  father , as a scientist with keen interest in nutrition and preventive health care understood this gap in our diet , lifestyle and  environment  and the need to bridge it early on .
We as a family have been using Nutrilite and other Amway  products from almost 20 yrs now .
I used to be hesitant and unwilling for a  silly reason that I don’t like to swallow tablets .
I was in a  hostel from class 6 and while growing up due to lack of proper nutrition have faced a lot of problems from minor to big.
 Over a period of time , upon force I started supplemeting my diet with Nutrilite supplements on need basis and I have seen a huge difference in my life and I swear by Nutrilite now .
When I was invited for the Launch of Nutrilite Herbs Range I was thrilled . 
Being associated  with Amway as a blogger in anyway is a big privilege for me .
I have so many stories to tell how Nutrilite has helped me and my family but lets keep that for another day .

If you have any queries regarding the Newly launched Nutrilite herbs  do write to me at 

Till the next time ,
This is Shruthi signing off  
for Bangalorexpress

Note : 
This is not a sponsored post , all the opinions are my own
Events and Brands in Focus in Blore is a New series on the blog , Stay tuned for more such posts 

Sunday, March 18, 2018

Must Try Cocktails- Big Pitcher , Old Airport Road

Someone rightly said  cocktails are society’s most enduring invention .

Beautiflly presented colorfull cocktails are my  weekness, I obsessively take pictures of them sometimes till the drink tires out and starts wilting away .
When a friend told me that Bigpitcher has curated a range of  special desi cocktails and that we should go check it out I was up and about and fully ready to indulge with the girls gang
Also because big pitcher is so close by my home that many times I think of heading there on weekends but never ended up going for no reason at all .
After a afternoon of getting tipsy on their extremely well curated cocktails I realised what I was missing out

I highly recommend you guys check out their cocktails!

So far the best range of well curated cocktails in Bangalore are at Big Pitcher from  all the places I have tried till date ,
Nope I am not being biased or exaggerating in excitement , I truly felt the cocktails were really bespoke , extremely interesting combinations , very well blended , potent yet delicious .
Head there already and let us know what you thought in the comments section below .
We were a group of  7 , so I could sample quite a few of the  cocktails without getting too tipsy

Order List :

Desi Cocktails
Ek Dum Jhakas
Shake chilly

From the Regular Menu :
Fig Mojito
Take it Easy
Jungle Mary
High seas Adventure
Kiss on the lips
Infused whisky
Big Picture
Strong Big Icetea

My Favourites :
Fig Mojito
Big Pitcher 
High seas Adventure

Décor / Ambience : Spread across 6 massive floors with different themes and seating options .
With unique perforated cladding on the façade , bigpitcher is hard to miss out on old airport road .
We chose the 2nd floor called the  Splitwood . the décor here is a mix of cowboy theme and some accents with eastern  crafted artifacts
The Rooftop areas is called star lounge
4th floor is called studio 4121 , mostly dedicated for private events and for performances
3rd floor is called the sizzling street – vibrant and colorfull barbeque area
Ground level and first is called the club kahuna – pub experience for the beer lovers

Food and  Drinks :

We were meeting on a late afternoon so we ordered for starters like momos , some chicken and prawn starters to go along with the cocktails .

Cocktails :
I am listing below some of the cocktails , As you read the combinations you will realise how unique they are .

Ek Dum Jakhas – Dark rum , coke and Muddled fresh Magai pan – Perfect for Paan lovers

Shake Chilly – Raw mango , vodka and lychee juice with salt and chilly on the glass rim . This is for people who like food with a mix of  sweet sour and salt

Fig Mojito – Fresh Fig , Fig infused dark rum , lemon and mint and topped with coke for a twist , Mojito lovers this will become your new favourite trust me !

Jungle Mary – Move aside Bloody mary , Your indian version is here to stay ! Tomato , lemon ,  guava & strawberry  juice blended with vodka with salt and tobasco on the rim .

High Seas Adventure – Beautifully presented in an earthen  pot . Its an amazing concoction of fresh coconut milk , Vanila puree , vodka , elder flower syrup and garnished with star anise and cinnamon stick . such a well blended drink with right amount of spice , creaminess and sweetness .

Kiss on my lips : Coffee liquor , Baileys , hazelnut mixed with vodka .garnished with a chocolate wafer on the top .  Not a big fan of coffee based drinks yet this was good . By far the best coffee based cocktail I have tasted .

Four play : Rum , Gin , Tequilla and vodka with muddled water melon juice  . quite a potent drink . if you love watermelon flavour go for this one

Take it easy :vodka , Lychee juice , strawberry puree and a dash of lime . This is on the sweeter side . If you love lychee flavour go for this one .

Big Pitcher:A big Pitcher with  Port wine ,brandy , strong black tea , blue curacao , seltzer nutmeg , lime juice and garnished with fresh fruits on a skewer and then brandy is poured over it and flamed . what a unique combination right and the presentation surely adds an extra zing  .

Strong Big Icetea : Another big pitcher cocktail we ordered was vodka based cocktail with fresh cut fruits . looks so colorfull and tropical and tasted fresh and great as well

How could we miss dessert , Ended a fun afternoon with some Darshaan


This was an experience worthy of repeating . A perfect place to chill out with your gang and enjoy the wide variety of cocktails with  scrumptious finger food to go along with it .
A must visit if you love cocktails .
Thursdays are ladies night we were told , you know where to go to cope up with weekday blues .

I know I will be there to check out the other themed floors and the food  soon !

Till the next time

Much love

Big Pitcher Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato 

Monday, March 12, 2018

Foxtrott Gastropub, Marathahalli - A Review

The difference between ordinary and extraordinary , is that little extra – Jimmy Johnson 

foxtrot gastropub bar counter

Foxtrot , A Gastropub of subculture   A new Entrant in Bangalore East in Marathahalli is a fine example of that saying .

The theme , décor and ambience was the highlight for me

foxtrot gastropub ambience

Coming to Food,  Top Picks :

Small Plates  : Curry Leaves Prawn , Jerk spiced cottage cheese  , Chowpati Bhel Bar
Sharing Plates  : Pita Bread sandwich , Bocconcini cheese & fresh basil  Pizza .
Large Plates : Malai Kofta , Fish Moilee
Deserts : Mango Basil Bappa Doi , Hot chocolate Fudge
Drinks : Look wise Foxtrott Mojito , Taste wise – What a Match(a)

Décor :
Foxtrot is far from just another neighbourhood pub
Unique smaller Spaces within a large space  reminds you  of a fraternity / sorority house .

foxtrot gastropub interiors

Large L shaped bar counter with open seating and DJ nook  , Cozy Instagram worthy  corner for couples with breezy outdoor portion with balcony garden  next to it  , a bohemian room that feels like a writers den , another  area exhibits  Newyork style vibes and so on
These individual spaces with its own unique vibe gives you privacy yet very much part of the happenings
We chose to sit in one of the room with semi vintage bold walls  and resembling a large living room  .
With a combined seating capacity for about 120 pax, each space possesses a unique character and resonates differently with different audiences, while maintaining some kind of consistency in design and concept.

Food :

The menu is mainly  categorised by small plates , sharing plates and large plates  and the popular fries , pizzas , burges and so on
Food is a mix of indian & popular continental . Specially indian food has been reinvented from some classics and presented differently .
They have lot of options for drinks as well .

Drinks : Forest Fog , Foxtrott Mojito & Garden Fresh  stood out in presentation , so beautifully presented .
Taste wise What- a Matcha was really nice , though it sounds like it would dominantly taste of matcha tea  but it had a nice ginger flavour and came along with a slightly hard mildly orange flavoured biscuit . A interesting drink indeed!

Small Plates :
The Curry Leaves prawns was so creamy with strong curry leaves flavour . Absolutely delicious and well done prawns . You should opt out of it only if you don’t like curry leaves flavour .
Jerk Spiced cottage cheese served with coriander pesto , one of the best cottage cheese dishes I have ever had . Very flavourful and succulent paneer  dish .
Chowpati bhel bar , interesting addition on the menu ,  at foxtrot they have reinvented this classic , presented so beautifully and taste wise it was top notch .

Sharing Plates : Simple dishes , easily you can make it the main course as the quantity served is great .
We tried Pita Bread sandwich , Waffle chicken sandwich & Thin crust pizza .
I liked the pita bread sandwich with a generous helping of fries and delicious sour cream  dip the best ,
followed by Bocconcini cheese & fresh basil  Pizza. But you gotto eat it fresh . it was so simple yet so flavourfull on an empty stomach I would have eaten most of it .
One of us ordered Waffle chicken sandwich , I had a bite of it and didn’t like the mild sweetness that the waffle had also because the chicken was very mild on spiciness .
If you enjoy savoury waffles you can consider this one

Large Plates :
 Malai Kofta – came with a  side of roti or rice . such a simple dish presented so differently .
Taste wise it was great , went very well with roti 

Fish Moilee - was another interesting indian dish with a twist on the menu .
A bed of curry leaf rice served with crumb fried fish with a side of fish Moilee curry .
Taste wise similar to the curry leaves prawn , creamy sauce and strong curry leaves flavour

Mutton pepper fry with Malabar Paratha - Different from the usual mutton pepper fry you get in Restaurants , this mutton dish was mildly spiced , had sweetness from sautéed onions and again seasoned with curry leaves and prepared in coconut oil .
If you like your mutton spicy and rich this is not the dish for you .

Desserts :
We tried Mango & Basil Bhapa Doi, Hot Chocolate fudge  and Jalebi Churros .

I loved the Bhapa Doi with walnut crumbles and berry coulis . Beautifully presented and a tasty dessert
Even the chocolate fudge was rich with lot of nuts and chocolate syrup .Opt for this one if you are a chocolate lover

Jalibies churros as the name says is a fushion dish of Desi jalebi and mexican churros served with rabri fondue . A very unique dish but I loved the other two desserts a lot more which is more of a personal choice, so do give this one a try in any case

Overall Verdict : 

Foxtrott is  perfect if you want to unwind after work for the corporate office goers in ORR or if you are looking for a unique space to try something different
Drinks are curated well , Food  range from small plates to large portions. The menu also  takes inspiration from some  Indian classics, all reimagined to give food a global touch. And the décor and concept is  extremely chic, quirky  and unique
This is just the preview we were told a large space is going to open shortly near kormangala !
Foxtrot is going to promote its subculture scene extensively through a frat house theme, where communities can meet and interact.

Ready for this? We are!

Foxtrot Gastropub Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato